Chennai Flood Relief 2015


Chennai, a city of 9 million people on India's southeast coast, is reeling from some of the heaviest and deadliest rains in 100 years. Since October, flooding killed at least 300 people in the region, according to the National Disaster Response Force. About 28,000 people had to be rescued. The flooding knocked out government services, left people stranded and made small boats a commonplace sight in city streets. Massive relief efforts are under way by various organization, India Forum Inc., join hands with Tamil Nadu Foundation Inc, (  in support of these relief efforts. Therefore, IFI is requesting help from all well wishers as part of the emergency fundraising campaign. This could mobilize supporters quickly to begin relief efforts. Your contribution is appreciated and would definitely make a huge difference. Please MAKE DONATIONS generously.


Four decades ago, the vision and resourcefulness of a handful of community leaders planted the seeds of India Forum Inc (IFI). An organization that truly represents the Unity and Diversity of India, IFI focuses on the Culture, Traditions and Heritage of India as a whole. Representing a country that has citizens following 10 different religions with 22 official and over 114 spoken languages; celebrating more than 75 official holidays for festivals, IFI strives to preserve and serve them with its common thread.

Since 1975, India Forum Inc has been serving the cultural and community needs of the Indian Community. As a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, the goals of India Forum are to promote Indian Culture, Tradition and Heritage in this part of the world. IFI makes this happen by facilitating high quality events at top notch venues for the Indian Community in Maryland/Baltimore area. These events celebrate the activities and festivals important to the immigrant community and provide them an identity in the society that helps them thrive. These events also help in involving the local citizens of this area and increase their awareness of our rich culture and heritage.

India Forum Inc is managed and run by a Board of dedicated individuals. The Board has a passion for serving the community and propagating the cultural wealth and heritage of India to community and future generations with this common origin.

IFI hosts the following main events annually.

  • Holi Dance Competition:¬†Schools, colleges and institutions imparting Indian dance education compete at all age levels in the event. Hosted at a prestigious venue this colorful and vibrant event immerses the audience into the richness that is India.
  • India Day: Celebrating India's Independence day this event brings anything that is Indian; food, costumes, music, dance, handicrafts, in one location to captivate your self for a whole day.
  • Indo-American Friendship Dinner: An event with a 25 year heritage celebrating the friendship created and nurtured with the local communities. Consummating with a black tie dinner attended by Businesses, Media, Political & community leaders and intelligentsia. Recent Event videos can be viewed below.
  • Diwali: A premier year-end event celebrating the Festival of lights.



Recent Event videos can be viewed below