* 1973 Dr C. Alex Alexander * 1993 E Vignarajah
* 1974 Dr Meena Hazra * 1994 Vinod Verma
* 1975 Dr Gopala Rao * 1995 Pradeep Dixit
* 1976 Dr Subrato Banerjee * 1996 Bansi Sawhney
* 1977 Inder S Chabra * 1997 Mitra Basu
* 1978 Dr V. Balasubramanian * 1998 Manjit Singh
* 1979 Dr Vinod Bhalla * 1999 Veena Girdhar
* 1980 Ashok Kumta * 2000 Rupa Mohindru
* 1981 Niranjan S Sammi * 2001 Sheela Kashyap
* 1982 Sheila Kashyap * 2002 Pushpa Sokhey
* 1983 M Muralidharan * 2003 Praful Bhatt
* 1984 Praful Vani * 2004 Ram Goswami
* 1985 Jawahar Mehta * 2005 Raj Agarwal
* 1986 Dr S Va Ramamurthy * 2006 Raj Sharma
* 1987 Venkat Chetty * 2007 Govind Sulibhavi
* 1988 Dr Murli Mathur * 2008 Deepesh Saxena
* 1989 Dr Y K Ramaiah * 2009 Satish Rao
* 1990 Sushma Swani * 2010 Deepesh Saxena
* 1991 Jyoti Kumta * 2011 Deepesh Saxena
1992 Dr Prem Bhat * 2012 Jayapal Natesan



I Dr. Murli Mathur M.D. joined India Forum in 1969, almost 40 years ago, when I arrived in USA . Mr. Schaefer was the Mayor of Baltimore City. The Forum was in its infancy but as years passed by it attained prominence in the Baltimore region for promoting educational and cultural links between the Indian community and other communities residing in Maryland. I was honored to serve on the board of trustees from 1985 to 1989 and was the president in 1988. Last several years the young and very devoted leadership has brought back the rich culture and image of India Forum, for which the corporation was formed. My best wishes are always with IFI.
It was an honor serving India Forum Inc. for twenty five years. India Forum Inc. is very well known for promoting India's rich culture in the Greater Baltimore Region. This organization has worked with all the regional associations in the Baltimore Washington Area to promote secularism, unity in diversity among Indian community and has worked with the local government agencies for Indo American Friendship. I am very happy that the new generation of able leaders is doing a wonderful job of taking this great organization to even greater heights.
India Forum, a not for profit organization has been serving the area of Baltimore and it's surrounding counties for over a period of three decades. It was founded to expose Americans and young Indians to Indian traditions, culture, values, and beliefs. Annual dance competitions and presentations, cultural shows, Independence Day celebrations and other activities have been very helpful in meeting the objectives of India Forum. I feel honored to have served India Forum in the capacity of President in 1985. I wish it all the best.
It has always been a challenge to bring together different regional associations of Indian Americans under one umbrella. India Forum, a not for profit, independent, and non-sectarian organization has been working towards this challenge for over three decades. With huge cooperation from the community, India Forum has been successfully organizing cultural and social events to promote and propagate Indian traditions and values amongst the youth and second generation Indians in US. Indo American Friendship Dinner, the annual event hosted by India Forum is a true example of blending cultures of East and West. I am proud to be a part of this organization and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.
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